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Cycling in Cold Weather January 21, 2021 at 12:00 am

Cycling in Cold Weather

When going for a ride during cold weather it is very important that you check the weather forecast for potential hazzards and remember to underdress just a little. We want to start the ride feeling just a little cold because the physical exertion will generate body heat and we don’t want to perspire to the point that our riding clothes get wet. The most useful pieces of winter clothing for cycling are arm/knee warmers and a light vest that can be used from October to March. Try to dress in multiple thin layers that can be removed as it gets warmer during the ride.

Suggested layers depending on the weather:
Normal = bib, base layer undershirt and short sleeve jersey.
Cool = add light vest, arm and knee warmers
Cold = add long sleeve jersey, winter gloves and heavy weight vest
Colder = add long pants, glove liner and jacket
Coldest = add skull cap, neck gator and face cover