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Coronavirus update March 17, 2020 at 12:00 am

Coronavirus update

Coronavirus update:

We hope this post finds everyone well during these difficult and ever-changing times. We wanted to address growing Coronavirus concerns as it pertains to our shop, employees and customers. As of March 16th, the CDC updated its social gathering notice to avoid groups of over 10 people for the next two weeks. As a result, our regular group rides will be limited to no more than 10 people.

We believe the best course of action is to heed the advice of verified sources for guidance in our practice of caution and cleanliness in dealing with COVID-19. By only following verified sources, we hope this will help limit the spread of misinformation and relieve some anxiety.

Our decision to keep our group rides was not made lightly or without regard for the safety of others. We truly believe riding your bike can make the world a better place. By riding and staying active, while exercising consideration for the well-being our ourselves and others, we can allow ourselves to stay both physically and mentally healthy during this stressful time. Many of us need that now more than ever.

For those wanting to practice social distancing, we will be to answering any questions through our e-mail and Facebook account, as well as, over the phone. We also want to remind those of you who want to limit time spent in public, Specialized and Giant Bicycles both offer ordering direct through their website. Items will be shipped to the store. We will also be happy to arrange delivery to your home for those who request it.

We have included two links for both the CDC and White House guidelines

Thank you all for your time and we wish you continued good health,

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